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Submitted on
February 19, 2004


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Ever want to admit yourself into a mental institution just for the hell of it?
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beehivesandbouffants May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i would do it for the vacation from work. and i think about it all the time.
i've been as a teen. it wasn't bad. the worst part was the food quality.
RainbowCremee Apr 1, 2010
actually yeahh.
hmm I have alootttt of times but I think about it for a while and decide not to cause I really don't want to hang around ppl who might want to kill me and don't trust me and probably make me more crazy than I probably already am..but that's just me >.>
(Plus I don't want to talk about my probs and "how I feel" to anyone especially random ppl so I rather stay outside....for now I guess)
msl911 Aug 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
most definitely also in my case i would never get out
hmmm just noticed i wrote that 3 years ago hahha suppose i must of been feeling extra insane
:shrug: I think everyone gets a extra insane point in their life some stop there and keep on going others drown in it I'am guessing... Although you might have a point on not coming out I might have problems coming out of the stupid place myself as I write this I came to know that in the end in the case of going in it probably be quiet easy I sadly admit ._. but to come out saying your ok might be the challenge.....
RoseyBlue Feb 17, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
yea i have...but it would get sort-of depressing. cause you will see all of the people that didnt choose to be in there. but yea. i would be a great story to tell your "hey kids, guess where i put MYSELF in when i was younger!"

they might put you back in there.
Maybe when I was young and angst ridden. They actually put me in one when I was like 13 because I took a bunch of pain killers. You know, it may be a romantic thought but I'm positive it's not all its CRACKED UP to be.
msl911 Jan 7, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
i reckon so
circumstance Dec 12, 2004   Photographer
I think it would be good. A learning experience, for sure. And I'm sure you could tell someone (who'd believe) that you are Abraham Lincoln, reincarnated. Or whoever else.

Eventually, you'd probably open enough to let all your crazyness out.

Oh boy. I'm a nut.

Is there like, a psychiatric hotline with directions to the closest ward?
i have contemplated it.. but as others stated... fear that i would never escape and wonder what real benifit it would give my life... i do believe if analyzed, i might be considered slightly crazy... never had that done to me... but i think that's true for most people. at least the ones i know. yep. and that was an interesting link.
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